“ Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something.

I think to myself with every person and place I reblog… who lives there now and who are they? I choose to reblog a snapshot of their lives with no idea who they are and what their story is. Whats going on right now within those 4 walls.. are people leading happy lives or in distress.. Have they been torn down or abandoned? With every passing second something is going on within the place or persons lives we view so briefly on the internet. They may have even died by now, that’s how fickle life is. & we will never know who they are, but I wish I could. I wish I could know each and every one of them; learn their stories and ask them questions. I want to know the highlights and the tragedies. I want to know about the insomnia and how bitter the coffee tastes every morning you wake up next to the person you didn’t fall in love with. I want to know how you never got an education to look after your mother and her scars. I want to relive your best friend dying from gunshot wounds whilst another overdoses on smack. I want to hear how you sold your soul to pay for food. I want to know the exquisite parties you’ve had and the homes you destroyed. 
The world is overpopulated with so many stories. 
& I think that’s really amazing. 
But it’s truly disheartening to think that so many incredible memories will never be retold and lost within the wind.