when you’re out with your friends and someone really hot walks by 


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Paul and Pauleta
were inseparable
Bound together
by hatred and disease

Paul had been a writer
Working the crime beat
for the L.A. Times
He wrote about the kinds
of desperate street trash
he would one day become
A habit like his, however
was difficult to hide
So when he began
to see his shame
mirrored on his boss’s face
he stopped bothering
to pretend to work

Pauleta was a nurse
sworn to save lives
and to tend to the sick
with kindness and mercy
Of course, she never
gave a shit about that
She was there for the drugs
which were plentiful
and easy to come by
There’s only so many times, though
you can get caught with your hand
in the pharmaceutical cookie jar
before they decide
to show you the door

When Paul and Pauleta met
lying face down
in the gutter
they could instantly see
they were both black holes
that would fit so nicely
inside each other
They were twin cannibal harpies
who could happily tear
at their mate’s tender flesh
and somehow fill their bellies
full of the bloody meat

They ate together
slept together
drank together
stole together
shot dope together
lied together
scammed together
got sick together
and sold themselves

In the end
one good thing could be said
of Paul and Pauleta
for they clung like super glue
to their marriage vows
That each would be the boulder
that dragged the other
to the bottom of the sea

So I finally got an iPhone a couple of days ago, and my thumb is literally aching from using it so much …